Do you have a love of vintage and antiques? Is your soul creative and always craving to learn something new?  Then you’ve arrived at the right place!

At Absolute Serendipity we love to share our passion and make sure you are educated about the products you purchase. Bring us your ideas and dreams. You’ll go home and create your vision with success, whether you are a seasoned painter or this is your first time picking up a brush. Absolute Serendipity is an inviting, fun and whimsical atmosphere filled with knowledge and a sweet variety of happy findings… We offer a large selection of furniture paint, paint accessories, gifts, home decor, hardware, as well as educational workshops. If you decide painting is not for you, we also offer custom work. We work closely with you to design and achieve your vision.

Please get a cup of tea, settle in and check out our Products and Services pages for a complete list of products and workshops.